Boot Camp

The training component of the Patient Mobilization Boot Camp is competency-based and consists of a theoretical and practical workshop, video, self-directed learning package and competency assessment.


The theory portion includes detailed presentations with group discussion and problem solving regarding:

  • Definition of a “Safe Patient Mobilization Program”
  • Patient mobilization and risk management
  • Patient mobilization and change management
  • Critical elements of a program that works
  • How to get buy in
  • Policies, procedures and process – the framework
  • Marketing the program
  • Dealing with the non compliant manager / employee
  • Equipment needs analysis; what I have, what I need and where to start
  • Principles of adult learning and skills training
  • Injury investigation with root cause
  • Bedside communication and mobility assessment
  • Developing facility action plan with next steps and timeline

Some documentation will be completed by participants prior to the Boot Camp and discussed as a group during the two-day session. The practical workshop portion includes hands-on training and problem solving specic to the patient population; tasks include but are not limited to:

  • Repositioning in the bed
  • Mobilizing from bed to chair/ commode
  • Mobilizing from bed to gurney or stretcher and back (EMS transfers)
  • Mobilizing from bed to restroom or shower
  • Mobilizing from patient room to gym / rehab setting
  • Mobilization tasks in gym / rehab setting
  • Safe Ambulation
  • Managing patient falls (including shower extrication)
  • Selecting and utilizing proper lift equipment and devices
  • Selecting and utilizing proper slings
  • Managing and mobilizing bariatric patients
  • Group problem solving