Apex Repositioning Slings raise the bar and set a new industry standard for skin care focused patient mobilization aids: Hypoallergenic, ultra-thin padded mesh with treated bottom layer designed for maximum breathability while at the same time pulling excess moisture away from the patient’s skin.


MedcoTech Advantage slings have been engineered to withstand the harshest cleaning and disinfecting requirements in the industry. Simple size selection and sling application make the MedcoTech Advantage one of the most user-friendly slings on the market. The Advantage slings offer extreme versatility while providing maximum comfort for the patient.


Essential products designed to bridge the gaps that exist between safe patient handling equipment and patient mobilization needs. Easy to apply, simple to use and highly functional, Medco Technology Essentials promote compliance and provide cost affective solutions for all patient care areas.

“Medco Technology is committed to American manufacturing with a refreshing environmental consciousness.”

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