Slide Sheets

Bridging the gaps that exist between safe patient mobilization equipment and patient mobilization needs, MedCo Technology Slide Sheets are an essential, cost-effective tool for safe patient mobilization programs or any mobilization needs. We have developed simple and practical procedures for Slide Sheet use with all patient types across all care environments.  Our Slide Sheets are available in both reusable and single patient fabrics, with the reusable fabrics designed to withstand more than 200 standard washes.

MedCo Technology’s friction-reducing Slide Sheets are easily placed underneath a patient of any size in a double layer. Our specialized silicone coating and durable polyester base allows caregivers to easily tuck the fabric under the patient without sticking to slings, bed sheets, or caregiver gloves as compared to other products.  Using a double layer of Slide Sheet fabric between the patient and the support surface offers a simple and cost-effective solution for protecting skin and providing a multitude of mobilization procedures. Our Slide Sheets are placed under the patient to assist with mobility tasks and transfers. Once the task is completed, the Slide Sheets are removed and stowed for safety.

Our Slide Sheet Fabric is:

  • Gentle against the patient’s skin
  • Made of extremely durable polyester construction
  • Coated with silicone, designed for superior friction reduction
  • Offered in both Single Patient, Disposable and Reusable versions

Slide Sheets are designed to be a simple tool for a multitude of patient
mobilization procedures:

  • On bed turning and repositioning
  • Positioning and placing X-Ray plates
  • Lateral transfers
  • Physical therapy and rehabilitation tasks
  • Procedures for mobility in specialty departments

Simple to apply and easy to remove, MedCo Technology Slide Sheets can be used across all specialty departments and care environments to provide comfortable and safe patient mobilization wherever you need it. Our Slide Sheets have no weight limit.  Visit our FAQ article for more information.

Our Slide Sheets are designed to last.  If you’re curious about washing Reusable Slide Sheets, visit our laundry instructions.

MedCo Technology Slide Sheets are also available for purchase on Amazon

Slide Sheets

DescriptionPart Number
Slide Sheet Full
Single Patient Disposable, 59" x 78" (Box of 10)
Slide Sheet Half
Single Patient Disposable , 46" x 59" (Box of 10)
Slide Sheet Full
Reusable, 59" x 78"
Slide Sheet Half
Reusable, 46" x 58"

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