Ambulation Shorts

MedCo Technology Ambulation Shorts allow caregivers to safely and simply ambulate a patient while reducing the risk of patient or caregiver injuries from falls. Our Ambulation Shorts are constructed in both Single Patient and Apex Reusable fabrics, which both feature unparalleled body contouring comfort.

Our Ambulation Shorts may be placed on the patient while sitting or while lying in bed, similar to dressing activities. For placement while lying in bed, they are often placed using Slide Sheets. Our Ambulation Shorts are equipped with storage pockets designed to contain the straps while placing or removing the shorts.

Once in place, the Ambulation Shorts are easily to tighten and fit to the patient using our custom tension buckles and straps at the leg, hip, and waist. These tension buckles are easy to adjustby the caregiver or patient to ensure maximum comfort and stability.

Multiple strap attachment points make it easy to connect to hook and loop overhead or portable floor lifts. While in use, the strap storage pocket also assists with tension and provides a support mechanism for the chest and back.

MedCo Technology Ambulation Shorts are designed to protect patient privacy and dignity. They allow indwelling foley catheters and feature open sides for patients with multiple lines, drains or chest tubes. The fabric is designed to prevent riding up, binding, or bunching that may cause painful pressure areas during ambulation tasks. Ambulation Shorts may be used with any overhead or portable floor lift, walking frame, or ambulation system that features loop attachment points.

View our Ambulation Shorts in action in our Mobilization Video Library

Download our PDF guide for approximate size considerations when choosing Ambulation Shorts. When falling between sizes, we recommend choosing the larger size. If you have any questions about sizing, please contact us for assistance.

DescriptionSizeWeight CapacityPart Number
Ambulation Shorts
Single Patient, Disposable
Hook and Loop Lift Compatible
Extra Small200 lb (91 kg)AS-1PS-XS
Small200 lb (91 kg)AS-1PS-S
Medium400 lb (181kg)AS-1PS-M
Large400 lb (181 kg)AS-1PS-L
Extra Large600 lb (272 kg)AS-1PS-XL
2 Extra Large600 lb (272 kg)AS-1PS-2XL
3 Extra Large600 lb (272 kg)AS-1PS-3XL
Ambulation Shorts
Apex, Reusable
Hook and Loop Lift Compatible
Extra Small200 lb (91 kg)AS-APEX-XS
Small200 lb (91 kg)AS-APEX-S
Medium400 lb (181kg)AS-APEX-M
Large400 lb (181 kg)AS-APEX-L
Extra-Large600 lb (272 kg)AS-APEX-XL
2 Extra Large600 lb (272 kg)AS-APEX-2XL
3 Extra Large600 lb (272 kg)AS-APEX-3XL
80 in (203 cm)800 lb (362 kg)AS-APEX-BARI-80
120 in (304 cm)800 lb (362 kg)AS-APEX-BARI-120

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