Hook and Loop Slings versus Clip Slings

Using slings to help mobilize a patient usually involves lifting equipment. It may be an overhead ceiling lift, a portable floor lift, a sit to stand lift, or even a portable gantry system. It’s important to identify how the sling connects to the carry bar on the lift. In general, there are two styles of carry bar and sling connections.

Hook and Loop Style

Hook and Loop Sling suspended from the carry bar

This is our preferred connection style at MedCo Technology. Multiple loops on the sling allow caregivers to fine-tune each lift. Loops are chosen for the best fit and position, then attached to the hooks on the carry bar.

You may have a carry bar with only two hooks, while some have four. You may even have a carry bar with six or more hooks. As long as there are hooks, all of our hook and loop style slings are compatible.

Please feel free to contact us with your lift model to discuss sling compatibility.

Clip Style

Patient in a seated sling attached to a clip carry bar

Clip style slings have a clip that attaches over a post on the lift carry bar. Some lifts have manual or powered carry bars to help sit the patient upright. Sometimes, these carry bars move the legs quite close together. These may not be the most comfortable position, especially for patients of size. We also offer Sit to Stand slings that utilize clips to attach to the lifting bars. Our clip style slings are compatible with all clip style lifts.

As always, please feel free to contact us with your lift model to discuss sling compatibility.

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