MedCo Technology

Combining more than 60 years of bedside care, medical product design, occupational health, and risk management safety experience, MedCo Technology is pleased to provide safe patient mobilization solutions designed for patients and caregivers.  Our Seated Slings, Repositioning Slings, Slide Sheets, Limb Slings, and Ambulation Shorts have been engineered to meet the needs of patients and caregivers while providing comfortable mobilization and ease of use for everyone. With MedCo Technology products, patient mobilization is never complicated or confusing.

Safety, Comfort, Quality

MedCo Technology is committed to American production. Our safe patient mobilization products are manufactured and tested in The USA. Working with textile experts and engineers, MedCo Technology developed ultramodern fabrics designed specifically for patient mobilization. Our fabrics and construction methods are skincare focused, offering increased breathability, superior moisture wicking, body contouring comfort, and durable construction.