Do MedCo Technology Slide Sheets Have A Weight Limit?

Two caregivers turn a patient with Slide Sheets
Turning with Slide Sheets

MedCo Technology Slide Sheets are built to reduce friction. Always remember to use a double layer because slide sheet glides over slide sheet easily. Wherever and whenever you need them, they are easy to place and comfortable to remove. Even lateral transfers are easier, safer, and more comfortable for everyone when you use slide sheets as shown in our Video Library.

So, do slide sheets have a weight limit? The answer is no, they have no published weight limit because they can be used with any patient weight. Slide sheets are not lift devices. They do not attach to lift equipment. You may use them to help you place a sling, change bed linens, center a patient on a sling or bed, boost or turn a patient, and for many more mobilization needs, but they are never used to lift patients.

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